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Where modern technology meets yesterday's craftsmanship.

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Stevenson's Shoe Clinic is home to Victoria's finest full-service shoe repair shop. Established in 1925, the business has been family owned and operated through 4 generations.

See the experts at Stevenson's Shoe Clinic for all your footwear and leather repairs from A to Z. Stevenson's Shoe Clinic carries an array of shoe care products, shoelaces and custom fit orthotics.

Shoes don't really grow on trees. Recycle your shoes by repair. Bring your injured footwear to the experts at Stevenson's Shoe Clinic, they'll make them like new.

Proud to be voted "Best in Victoria" year after year.


Shoelaces of varying thickness, length, material, and colour.


Complete line of off the wall custom fit orthotics and arch support.


Hundreds of foot care related products.




Some of our Testimonials...

Excellent service excellent value. Have had a number of pairs of shoes repaired over past years and luggage also... results always exceeded expectations!!

-John C.

Your store has been repairing my shoes for decades and for that I'm very grateful. It's a Victoria institution and may you continue to serve the community for many years to come.


...a girl's best fashion investment are her shoes... :-) and Stevenson's help to keep my investment in tip top shape... THANKS!!

-Deb G

I had two heel tips fall off in one week and the service was friendly, the quality was great and one pair they fixed while I waited.  It is really nice to have such an accessible store in the downtown core. Thank you.

-Kimberley G.

I've been a customer of Stevenson's Shoe Clinic for many years ...from repairs to my shoe and boot heels, toes, and soles to having purse straps fixed and even Christmas shopping in their leather purse and luggage section. It's a great location and I've appreciated the service and will continue to use you whenever I have the need. Thanks!

-V. Collins

I have been coming to Stevenson's for over 30 years now and even though I no longer live in Victoria I still bring my shoes when I come to town. I love my shoes and have many beautiful pairs and I would only trust your clinic to take care of my shoe needs! I am sooo pleased that you continue to provide such a wonderful service and remain dedicated to the craft! Should you ever go out of business I shall just stop wearing SHOES!

-Karen N.

Stevenson's... Wow! Where to start. I am only twenty-four years old, and thankfully I learned early that shoes are an investment. Good shoes are one of the best investments one can make. Every time I pull some leather over my feet I am thankful for the service Stevenson's provides. Topy saves shoes in our west coast rain. Re healing a shoe keeps it alive for another year or two. There is nothing more satisfying as picking up a pair of shoes and it looking better than new. Thanks to Stevenson's. Top quality repairs and customer service. Thank you!

-Iain R.

For many years, since your old location in what is now the Bay Centre, I have had all of my shoe repair requirements done at Stevenson's. Always done on time without a complaint. Keep up the great work!


I brought in a pair of dancing shoes for repair and Stevenson's knew immediately what had to be done. The shoes came back exactly as I wanted, and I'm very happy with the quality and the service.

-May B.

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