Fix by Mail

Now getting your shoes repaired is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Simply mail your damaged footwear to Stevenson's Shoe Clinic. Include a return addressed and your day-time phone number. One of the Stevenson's Shoe Clinic experts will call you to discuss the necessary repairs. Then leave it to Stevenson's Shoe Clinic, and your footwear will be mailed back to you like new within 3 days.

1: Mail Stevenson's Shoe Clinic your footwear in need of some TLC.
2: An expert at Stevenson's Shoe clinic will give you a call.
3: Your footwear will be mailed back to you like new within 3 days.

Please address all packages:

Stevenson's Shoe Clinic
714 Fort St
Victoria, BC 
V8W 1H2